In the course of many years'development, after precipitation and refinement, the enterprise culture system has been established, including mission, vision and values. In order to carry out the quality aim and enterprise mission, vision and values, and implement the GB/T 19001-2016 IDT ISO 9001:2015 quality management system standard, meet customer requirements and continuously improve the quality management system, we specially formulate the company's quality policy and quality objectives, constantly improve and continuously improve, and improve the overall effectiveness.

Corporate Culture and Development Strategy

Mission: Provide competitive products and create value for customers continuously
Vision: First-class quality, first-class service, first-class efficiency, first-class image
Values: tenacity, meticulousness, innovation, transcendence and win-win situation
Development Strategy: High Quality Products, Scientific Management, Bigger and Stronger Enterprises

Quality Policy

Scientific management - Scientific management is the basis of modern management. The establishment of rules and regulations, strict process control, the adoption of advanced scientific management methods, the change of "rule of man" to "rule of law", and the scientific management of benefits are the basis for the development of the company.
The pursuit of excellence - the pursuit of first-class quality, first-class service, first-class efficiency, first-class image is the eternal goal of the company, gathering first-class technical personnel, providing first-class products and services is the company's unremitting direction of efforts.
Continuous Improvement - The company is never satisfied with the achievement of its objectives. It will also use quality objectives, audit results, corrective and preventive measures and management review to continuously improve the quality of products and processes. As well as various management and quality management systems, so that the enterprise will always be in a state of excellence, continuous improvement of product process system is the company's eternal goal.
Customer Satisfaction - Customer is the foundation of our company's survival and development. Our company should constantly identify and meet customer's requirements. Customer Satisfaction is also the basis for our company to test the effectiveness of quality management system and the quality of products and services. Continuous improvement of customer satisfaction is our persistent pursuit. Providing products and services that meet customer requirements and legal and regulatory requirements is the foundation of the company.

Quality Objectives

1. The pass rate of one-time inspection of products is more than 98%, which is increasing year by year.
2. Customer satisfaction (≥93%) is increasing year by year.
3. Significant customer complaints are 0.